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Oct 30, 2009
Folks, for those that may have any interest, I just found out from my FIL that Dan-o passed away last night.

Many here may not know, but Dan-o had been battling cancer for awhile and unfortunately he lost his battle yesterday.

Dan was an avid BYU supporter, a dedicated family guy, and as can all attest, he was always good for a laugh...even if sometimes the joke was on him.

My last memory with Dan-o was at the BLUE RIVER SHOOTouT. I sat with him and my FIL as we watched our Cougars beat the Sooners. He was worn out and physically exhausted, but wanted to make the trip. I believe that was the last time he saw BYU play in person.

Dan leaves behind his wife and a very young boy...a toddler, basically.

Godspeed, Dan-o. And one last fist tap to you, for the road.

PS I just posted this as an FYI. There are so many new people on this board now than many here may not even know or remember Dano. But for the older school, I am sure all will agree that Dan was a unique cat that added flavor and color to this place back in the heydey.

Life is short, my friends. Take advantage. President Hunter said it best when he admonished us to write a letter, forgive a grudge, etc....the simple things in life are the ones that we will remember. Dan truly tried to suck the marrow out of it all and enjoy things. One of his favorite things was BYU football. I think we can all relate to that.
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