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Oct 30, 2009
From what I've been told...
I found out about him through posting on Cougarblue (back in the wild days). He was a regular poster on Cougarblue and eventually he took some things (in life and on the board) pretty hard and took his own life. I've never been able to confirm this firsthand, but I *have* had some friends on CB who were able to confirm it...and they had earned my trust from a long time back. If it turns out not to be true, then so be it...I felt like he got hit pretty hard at times by posters mocking him for his lifestyle while being a Cougar fan.

Does that make sense (Sasquatch) why I got a little defensive on yesterday's post about not harping on beer drinking BYU fans? I think that everybody deserves a little latitude when it comes to accepting them into the Cougar fold. You never know what another person is going through, or what they are truly like...a message board is so harsh at times...a little moderation is a good thing in our responses IMO.
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