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@BYUrecruiting BYU Football Recruiting
@BYUrecruiting BYU Football Recruiting
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Oct 27, 10:19pm

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Kalani confirmed that the refs were going to give BYU a safety if they declined the PI. But he essentially said he Zach, bruh... Link to the Zach Wilson ESPN interview Bronco fans got themselves into a tizzy without knowing anything about the play. Does Gordon Monson have something personal against BYU? This seems like a big deal for Zach. Pretty awesome we’re getting this publicity From a branding perspective, this season is already a huge win for our program. Kalani said last night that they don’t care one bit about individual accolades. Wait, Zach took a flight to CA and stayed weeks at a time? I thought it was The Deep Blue features are appointment viewing for me. The newest one on D’lo is awesome. He makes me proud to support

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