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Jul 15, 10:32pm
Jul 15, 9:50pm

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Dimitri Gallow is no longer on the team Jason Buck just said on PK/DJ, "Kalani flat out told me he wouldn't hire me as a Well my son’s baseball season is over and so is my managerial career. Talked to a player from the 2019 team RE: QB situation. I just completed a 3-day fast today. Anyone else do multi-day fasting? My son got his Hawaii Bowl championship ring today... This is why 2020 will be magical. All P5 will cancel their seasons. All indy’s Not what I needed. Wrecked my mountain bike tonight and mangled my left arm. What a joke. The whole premise of conference only play was to delay the season Think our phone is ringing off the hook? Notre Dame's is. . .

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