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Probable Sacko All-American
Oct 15, 11:57pm
2FarGone No One of Consequence
Oct 15, 11:55pm
2FarGone No One of Consequence
Oct 15, 11:49pm
Oct 15, 11:49pm
Oct 15, 11:52pm
Oct 15, 11:46pm
Oct 15, 11:23pm
Oct 15, 11:12pm
Oct 15, 11:12pm
Oct 15, 11:11pm
@BYUwvolleyball BYU Women’s Volleyball
Oct 15, 11:08pm
letthewookieewin Holochess World Champion
Oct 15, 11:01pm

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Baylor game asking a favor Ron McBride in 1280 just said Moa's scholarship was essentially pulled by Utah. Good news and bad news Everything was perfect… I just walked in the door from seeing the Bond movie, sat down, opened my phone and saw the SDSU game was still on and Hey Cougs Every team I wanted to win today (Friday) lost. Bodes well for BYU vs Baylor. Just heard an interview with Arod saying Hall is 100% healthy now... Torchys The football gods are smiling on us today

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