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Baron AKA "Dear Leader"
Dec 2, 11:13pm
Dec 2, 11:19pm
Dec 2, 11:22pm
Dec 2, 11:32pm
Dec 2, 11:02pm
Dec 2, 11:59pm

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Now USC is out of the big games…. My question is this: Why didn't Kalani learn I apologize Conover is a head scratcher for me Yes, it is incredible what Utah is doing, but it is insane the kind of stuff LOL @ anyone who wanted Shaun Nua as the DC Never understood the stupid smack talk from CB making fun of Utah fans who said things would have been different with The DC BYU should hire, but won’t Connover is officially transferring BYU's QB Recruits - 6 Yrs in Review - BIG RECRUITING FAILURE NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

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