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Mar 4, 10:36pm
@BYUvolleyball BYU Volleyball
Mar 4, 9:42pm

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I bet it was those darn Rainbow Warriors from Hawaii. Being a former Davis Dart in the age of the "Double Wing", if I was a young OC at BYU, and had Hall, Andrada, and A lot to unpack here The truth of the matter is... Never asked myself why they're called "quarterbacks". On my drive home it hit me Donovan and Rudy - take no prisoners. Leave this league a burning wreck of Interesting/surprising: A tweet showing how many combine invites each P12 school has... Utah in last place with zero... BYU ranks T2 with 6. POLL: Dax Milne was BYU's best receiver since ____ Don't shoot the messenger, Cowherd thinks ZW will likely be a bust

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