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@CriddleBenjamin Benjamin Criddle
Sep 17, 11:37pm

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Met a guy in an elevator named Casey Tiamalu, said he played with Steve Young “Flawed data” led to 12 of the preeminent research institutions to shut down Just had a younger gentleman stop me at Vasa and ask me if I play for BYU BB... Just stopped an aging, homely lookin fella at the mall and asked him if he BIG10 and PAC12 reversal in Gif form: How does everyone feel about Grimes? I think he's been a pretty fantastic hire My FIL is a large booster for USU, they are having a zoom meeting today at 5:00 Sounds like Gordon’s pretty miffed about being called out for flip-flopping.Haha Just spoke to an Oklahoma fan Article: Mark Pope Wants BYU Basketball To Have Hardest Schedule They Can Possibly Play

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