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@CriddleBenjamin Benjamin Criddle
Feb 26, 9:35pm
Adrielle Subjective Fact Checker
Feb 26, 8:58pm

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How do you only lose by 6 when you get outshot 59% to 38%? In the pantheon of BYU dunks, where's does Lohner's two-handed jam rate? Samson Nacua in the transfer portal. HOP ON THE NACUA TRAIN, HEADED TO PROVO!! Seems likely we beat SMC tomorrow night. But would our NET improve? Someone call Coach Pope Guys, this is very exciting.This may actually be the cure for cancer. I hope so. Payson got knocked out of the playoffs at home tonight by Alta. Alta played a freshman in what was only his 3rd varsity Pretty sure we’re looking at a scholarship crunch for next season Who in the world approved this? Final 1-11. My thoughts . . .

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