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May 18, 10:40am
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May 18, 10:36pm
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Help the BYU players take down the Utah squad in...

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Hi everyone, we are doing the Father's Day Golf tournament at Thanksgiving Point...

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Come meet some hoops and football stars for some...

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Sat next to a Big 12 football referee on my flight recently I was on a flight recently and started chatting with the guy next to me. He was wearing all BYU gear so I assumed him to Cummard was players choice. Don’t be surprised if many players leave/follow West Virginia VS. BYU What do ya think? News on Mo Njie tomorrow, good or bad? I'm hoping good and Ha. BYU's new women's head coach: Amber Whiting Hold up. We are all outraged over a woman’s bball hire? Ugh! I brake for all animals except Bobcats. There aren't many good things that Twin Falls media says so far Whiting won't follow her mom.

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