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Chemish All-American
CSoul Intervention Needed
Jul 31, 11:46pm
@BYUBaseball BYU Baseball
Jul 31, 11:34pm
Jul 31, 10:26pm

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Who else has noticed more and more articles are coming to the conclusions... We have reached the last Saturday of no BYU football.... Is it just me, or is it obvious that Jamaica is juicing? Want to go to LV for the game but not sure if it gets canceled and relocated or Crazy olympics for Dressel What just happened in beach volleyball?? U.S Men's top 400M runner not even going to make it out of the prelims. Took it **warning**this has probably already been said. Funny that the US track girl was Whittingham claims Utah is "the most diverse team in America" Amen people are worrying way too much about this

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