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@Harmonwrites Dick Harmon
May 29, 10:00pm
May 29, 9:33pm

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Katoa and Finau Name a better byu true point guard than tj haws I’m a diehard BYU FB fan like everyone here, but I’m so bored by our program any news on Both Gach. I think he might even be better than mcclung. Having a If KS is a terrible coach, how do we explain the close games with Utah? I’m sure I’m late to the party on this...but only a 5.5 pt underdog? 2020 season: No more excuses. I saw some pick up video of Wyatt Lowell this morning. Sorry I am unable to pass Daivien Williamson to choose this weekend Dodd: "If you didn't think the P5 could leave the NCAA, read this".

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