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letthewookieewin Holochess World Champion
Sep 26, 10:29pm
Sep 26, 10:42pm
DKN #TeamBrooks
Sep 26, 10:21pm
Sep 26, 10:00pm

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I'm currently slated to be buried at the cemetery right next to Maverick Stadium Lol @ these AP voters who have 2-2 Clemson ahead of BYU FPI predicts BYU'S remaining schedule UTSA is 4-0 with wins over Illinois & Memphis and could run the table Anyone know the story with BYU vs BSU tickets? It seems it's basically sold out and the UVA game has thousands of Big 12 expansion...Which scenario do you like best? There is a decent chance that BYU-Baylor could be a Top 10 matchup. 👀Youths shotgunning drinks at LaVell Edward's stadium on Saturday! No wonder Utah state This Twitter reply to a USF reporter made me laugh.

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