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@Mitch_Harper Mitch Harper
Feb 28, 11:41pm
Soupie Grandma Sycamore
Feb 28, 11:25pm

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LOL Zach Wilson doing Door-Dash to make money to drive to see John Beck. So in Britain's tweet commenting on Samson Nacua entering the transfer portal... CBS Sports has BYU ranked #22. Idaho Freshman Ready for State! Ute fans, why did Whit let Guy Holiday go? And the Scalley story getting thrown around. What’s up here? RE: It's time that CB face the unfaceable Must admit, when I heard of Holliday's firing, I immediately thought of the QB transfer to the Yewts from Baylor and You can’t write better satire Happy March! Guy Holliday getting fired reminds me of an important professional lesson:

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