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@CriddleBenjamin Benjamin Criddle
Feb 26, 9:35pm
Adrielle Subjective Fact Checker
Feb 26, 8:58pm

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In the pantheon of BYU dunks, where's does Lohner's two-handed jam rate? How do you only lose by 6 when you get outshot 59% to 38%? Samson Nacua in the transfer portal. HOP ON THE NACUA TRAIN, HEADED TO PROVO!! Pretty sure we’re looking at a scholarship crunch for next season Final 1-11. My thoughts . . . Vernon Maxwell is slandering the Jazz again on Twitter. Someone call Coach Pope Payson got knocked out of the playoffs at home tonight by Alta. Alta played a freshman in what was only his 3rd varsity If it happened in 2015, why now? Who in the world approved this?

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