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Soupie Grandma Sycamore
Jul 23, 10:57pm

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Can I just say...... Lohner is awesome. So glad we got this guy. And is that Erickson? Haha One thing is for sure - if Holmoe and Worthen haven’t been One of our favorite “insiders” is back with some takes… 😂 No idea if this guy is legit, but he’s saying OU and UT is just the start. I’m going to laugh when a super league is created with a few pac 12 teams & utah isn’t in it. They’ll be right back Has the NIT accidentally become a serious player again? One of the worst scenarios I’ve seen right here… I will get slammed based for this cause it is so repetitive from My old next door neighbor in Dallas and one of my best friends is an Aggie fan. College football needs a commissioner and a centralized governing body.

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