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@BYUrecruiting BYU Football Recruiting
@BYUrecruiting BYU Football Recruiting
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Oct 27, 10:19pm

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Kalani confirmed that the refs were going to give BYU a safety if they declined the PI. But he essentially said he Poor Utes Kalani said last night that they don’t care one bit about individual accolades. Link to the Zach Wilson ESPN interview Bronco fans got themselves into a tizzy without knowing anything about the play. This seems like a big deal for Zach. Pretty awesome we’re getting this publicity Wait, Zach took a flight to CA and stayed weeks at a time? I thought it was Wilson is the best deep passer in the nation. Here's a compilation of his deep Zach, bruh... From a branding perspective, this season is already a huge win for our program.

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