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Adrielle Subjective Fact Checker
May 16, 10:00pm
May 16, 9:54pm
May 16, 9:57pm
May 16, 10:24pm
May 16, 10:50pm
May 16, 11:07pm
May 16, 11:33pm

The Father's Day Classic Golf tournament is being held at Thanksgiving Point on...

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We might be getting a grad transfer that is better than Te'jon Lucas or Mahorcic This post did not age well. Seeing Bryant makes me think of how 2018-2019 could have won a national title I'm sure its been brought up, but it kinda sucks as the 1 or 2 seed FYI Former Austin Peay safety pranked, thinks he has minicamp slot until he shows up 👀 This kid is LDS. Does anyone know how to pass his info on? Dang… Jamaal’s dad passed away File this one under “Things I would not be surprised to see happen to BYU in the Holy War”

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