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Sep 30, 11:44pm
Soupie Grandma Sycamore
Sep 30, 11:40pm
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Sep 30, 11:30pm

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Did anyone sit by this lady at the game? (Usu head of recruiting apparently) Walk me through next years QB depth please. Dear Costa Vida, I love you but… Two comments on byu concessions Max Tooley got a pick 6, then didn’t see the field for 9 plays We should never play Utah State again I don't know what the future holds for Oldroyd but man that guy has hit some big When BYU tried the onside kick early in the second half, #36 Gunther [IMAGE] A likely scenario for big 12 has BYU, Utah, and Miami Just talked to my co worker who is a USC fan that went to the game last night

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