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Sep 9, 2017
JohnnyComeLately Let's do this!
Stopped by to see Kevin this morning.
He is super excited to see the Cougars beat the Utes. Ever since we shared with him the video of the BYU players he talks about them all the time. Even though he is in constant severe pain, even though his organs are failing him and he has some nights where he needs multiple "breakthroughs" of morphine just to allow him to sleep, he still maintains his positive attitude and his love for BYU football. I have been blessed with the outpouring of good wishes for Kevin and his family. Including Zephyr coming through and offering Kevin multiple free hats of his choosing. This is such a great community and we are blessed to be a part of it.

This morning I shared with him the history of the Holy War, I shared the story of Vaughn Kimball and his famous telegram that lead to a Cougar victory when they were mired in a long streak of losing. We watched videos of the Holy War, talked about the players and I promised to stop by to watch some of the game with him tonight. Of all the videos we watched, this was his favorite (he is a huge star wars fan).

Watch this video on YouTube

I pray that tonight our boys come out inspired and we can end the streak for Kevin, for Lavell, and for all of us. Go Cougars!
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