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Nov 8, 2018
Buffalo All-American
Speaking of oils and income, ~97% of doTerra reps lose money, according to their
own income disclosures, when accounting for required purchases.

0.5 - 1.5% of all "advocates" break even
1.5% actually earn money.
0.397% earn more than $27,557 annually (that's less than half of one percent, not 39.7%)

So of the 1.5% that actually earn money, 99% of those earn less than $28k.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiMLM/comments/8tr5ed/mlm_monday_doterra/

Young Living distributors don't fare much better according to their income disclosures:

The median income in 2016 for Young Living was $0. This means at least 50% of people earned $0. Even TNT earns the median Young Living income.

94% of distributors received $12 yearly on average.
3.5% of distributors received $924 yearly on average.
1.3% of distributors received $2,880 yearly on average.
0.6% of distributors received $6,168 yearly on average.
0.2% of distributors received $26,724 yearly on average.
0.1% of distributors received $72,804 yearly on average.

When adding in the required purchases, 97.5% of consultants are losing money on average.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiMLM/comments/8wlidb/income_disclosure_analysis_young_living/

But how about our favorite Younique #bossbabes?

Out of nearly 100,000 of Younique presenters, less than 20 will earn around $1,000 a month before expenses. The average commission per presenter per month is $9.09, before expenses. And the commissions are issued in the form of a pre-paid debit card that charges a fee for each use.

Source: https://www.talentedladiesclub.com/articles/how-much-can-you-earn-with-mlm-younique-we-calculate-its-probably-less-than-14-a-month/

Maybe these are just bad examples of MLMs?

Nope, 99.6% of MLM reps lose money, averaged across 30 MLMs according to this document:

Source: https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/documents/public_comments/trade-regulation-rule-disclosure-requirements-and-prohibitions-concerning-business-opportunities-ftc.r511993-00008%C2%A0/00008-57281.pdf

So if 99% of all MLM reps lose money, where are all the billions of dollars going? To the top of the pyramid, of course. But don't worry, they're not pyramid schemes.




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