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Jan 10, 2019
califcougar All-American
I could do it, but would be buying a lot of stuff I don't really want/need.
Also, it really depends on the definition of investment. Could buy a lot of cool property that I'd have to overpay for and lose money. Which might make it less of an investment.

If I had to spend and couldn't donate or invest, I'd get/build multiple houses in cool locations (Tahoe/Newport/ Park City/ Condo in NY/ Hawaii). Buy a crazy yacht. Get a Gulfstream and customize a 787 in case I ever wanted to take more people somewhere.

I'd have helipads at each house and on the yacht and helicopters at each airport nearest each property.

Maybe build a private golf course or two. Buy, some cool old military ships/tanks. And, get tons of cool sport memoribilia and other artifacts.

Since buying a sports team isn't an option but I'd get boxes and front row tickets to any sporting event.

Maybe buy some Superbowl ads promoting things I care about or maybe just try to make a funny ad. ( Maybe this counts as philanthropy)

I bet I could do it. But, probably wouldn't really want all that stuff.
Originally posted on Jan 10, 2019 at 3:23:16pm
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