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Jan 10, 2019
califcougar All-American
If I start building property by knocking over stuff in desirable areas and
Building, I'd get a lot closer. Would have to overpay to get other crazy rich people to sell. Might have to pay to lobby for certain projects to be approved.

Add in some places in Europe, Hong Kong, etc. And it's a lot closer. Would take a few years but, I think I could get there. It is a lot of money and I wouldn't even want all those things but, it would be possible.

Plus there's the purchasing cost on all this stuff and luxury taxes depending on where it's bought.

Also, I forgot about this ranch in Colorado, that's another $150m.

Could probably spend another $20-30m on cars.

$30-40m/year if I got multiple superbowl ads every year.

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