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Jan 17, 2019
Acorn All-American
The reason I don’t reinvest is I typically exit positions
ie, I want to sell. Get out. Nothing more annoying then going to do that and there is a reinvestment from December. Then you have to go in and designate which lots, communicate the same to your accountant, make sure the brokerage does it correct, etc etc.

Nothing wrong with reinvesting but it increases the bookkeeping effort. A whole bunch of tiny little lots over time. Not my cup of tea and I am accountant. Does anyone really want a bunch of $4.21 lots to deal with?

I always think cost benefit and the cost is greater then the benefit IMO. Having been down this road I stated that I don't, but used “reset” to explain why and agree that was confusing. It does reset the position and you can’t donate the entire position if you have something reinvested for december or if one of those lots is at a loss (again, reminder, never donate a lot that is in the negative position).
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