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May 16, 2019
SpecialKC Starter
Honest question as I am learning hockey still.
Disclaimer: I’m a Canes fan first, sharks second.

Here’s the rule:
“(b) A player or goalkeeper shall not be allowed to “bat” the puck in the air, or push it along the ice with his hand, directly to a teammate unless the “hand pass” has been initiated and completed in his defending zone, in which case play shall be allowed to continue. If the “hand pass” occurs in the neutral or attacking zone, a stoppage of play will occur and a face-off will take place according to last play face-off rules provided no territorial advantage has been gained.

No goal can be scored as a result of the puck being propelled by the hand of an attacking player regardless if the puck enters the goal directly from the hand or deflects off of any player prior to entering the goal.”

So the first paragraph, would be what shark fans are saying, that it wasn’t a direct pass IF the blues player touched it.

The second paragraph is what you elude to.

I’m not arguing it to be justified as a sharks fan but more curious. The second paragraph sounds like it’s referring to someone scoring a goal by using their hand to score it. They can’t just bat the puck at the goal and have it deflect off someone either.

If it’s referring to someone scoring later on then when is the line drawn? If Timo bats it, blues kick it, then sharks have 6 passes or more in the offensive zone then score is that a result of the hand pass?

I’m interpreting the second paragraph as a goal scored by someone actually shooting the puck at the goal with their hand.

Let me know if I’m wrong or if you have videos to back it up as I’m actually curious on the rule.
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