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Nov 6, 2019
2FarGone No One of Consequence
I think that BYU should petition the NCAA/CFP Committee now
to switch "the highest G5 auto-bid" to the NY6 to "the highest non-P5 auto-bid." This year alone — if we hadn't done the unthinkable (again) and lost to Toledo and USF — we would likely finish 10-2 and be ranked higher than any 1-loss G5 champion. The next two years a 2-loss BYU (given those losses come to ranked/good P5s) will be ranked higher than any 1-loss G5 Champion.

I think that could be a petition/fight we could actually win. Does the Fiesta Bowl want Cincinnati, SMU or BYU? I think in every case, the NY6 Bowls would rather have BYU, with wanting Boise State close behind.

It's time to plan on making Independence really sustainable, by demanding a place at the NY6 table, equal to other non-P5s. Notre Dame gets P5 inclusion as an independent in the CFP. If we can't get that yet, we should be a big enough program to get it for the Non-P5 NY6 auto-bid.
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