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Nov 7, 2019
Ode to Hoy All-American
I updated my signature and picture on CB this week as I have been reflecting on
those that, as you have so eloquently stated, "graduated from mortality" in my own life.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is comforting that we mortals utilize in times of sorry, pain and grief. I agree with you that I never want to lose the memory of the friends and family that are gone, and that means the pain and sorrow that will be with it. But also, as time has passed I have begun to feel and realize the happiness and joy that the Gospel brings to me that helps to lessen the pain that was once so prevalent and weighing on me.

I have felt the presence on more than one occasion of deceased loved ones so I know that the eternal nature of our spirits is real and ever-present.

I love your perspective and outlook. Thanks for sharing this and giving all of us a powerful reminder that our loved ones are never really gone.
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