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Dec 1, 2019
ChinaFan All-American
still mad at KS and Grimes... if arguably the best coach in college football is willing to pull his starter and bring in
a backup in the NC game, then they should be able to get over their love affair with ZW after 2 1/2 ineffective quarters (and that means can't get the ball into the endzone, not that he isn't completing passes).

The way this team responds to Romney is different than Zach at the wheel. And that's obvious to anyone who watched how the team played against any opponent.

SDSU had a tough D, no doubt, but that old saying about 'doing the same thing and expecting different results' is so true about our offense.

This is a coaching loss, like so many other games. It's incredible that they didn't just wait and decide about the staff until the end of the season.
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