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Dec 7, 2019
rtNelson All-American
Unpopular opinion time.
With the way things are heading in terms of paying players, substantial talent gap, and concern over injuries. Maybe it is time for a Semi-Pro football league. I think it is good to be sponsored by universities however players should have the option to go to trade school. So SR player who is good enough to hold a spot, but not good enough to make the NFL, not only comes out with a trade skill like Welding, or Electrician. But a decent savings from the stipends he gets from playing football. If say a QB, or RB looks great, he maybe should be able to be drafted. But still have a rule he can't play till he's 3 years removed from HS.

So you take the top 16-24 money generating programs that can self sustain and create your own league. The difference in my proposal, is that it is just no longer college football. All the records, and achievements stay with old college football. Those same schools can field a team of true amateurs and compete in regular college football. There won't be that many teams, so really only the elite of the elite players end up in the association, but also allow those same players to drop down, stay in school on scholarship, and finish their degrees.

Plenty of talent will remain among the pool of whatever the landscape looks like after that.

I'm not sure how crazy this sounds, but I think it's the only way CFB returns to parity. And I imagine the B squads of Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St would still exist in a world where they are kings of CFB. But it would be, very much closer.

I am not saying this should happen anytime soon. But by 2030 or 2025, I really don't see why not.
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