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May 23, 2020
Q-grr the missing puzzle piece
When I was living in St. George I caught one in an empty Jelly Belly jar.
It was thick and pretty much filled the whole jar - close to a half gallon. I had just gotten a new manager and took it by his place to show him and his kids. It was a bit of a rude awakening for him, as it was out in our facilities parking lot.

I caught and killed a Copperhead that was too close to where my daughter played. I was a lot more nervous with the Copperhead. It was very easily agitated, and it kept striking out - wickedly fast, but small strike zone. It was one of the most beautiful snakes I'd ever seen. After I cut the head off it kept wiggling, and I brought my daughter out. I made sure to act very scared of it, so she would understand to steer clear of them.

I also caught a King snake in St. George with very vibrant and contrasting black and white stripes. It was a cool snake, at 5 1/2 feet long; my HCBW was very nervous and didn't want my sons and me to keep it. We let it go and I regret it.
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