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Jul 31, 2020
Zenoch All-American
Well, I'm Done!

After almost 35 years working in computing at Boeing - as of today I am now retired.

During those decades I have seen an amazing amount of technology change such as:

  • Computing platforms: Started with alphanumeric terminals programming FORTRAN code on a mainframe via batch submittals --> minicomputers --> NOS --> Cloud
  • Personal computing Devices: Shared, organizational IBM Selectric typewriters and monochromatic alphanumeric terminals (no PCs) --> shared organizational PCs --> individual Windows desktops --> everyone having their own laptop/tablet/smartphone
  • Phones: Shared hard-wired telephones with thick paper phonebooks that cost a lot for long distance calls --> everyone having their own smartphones and phone calls are free.
  • Network connectivity: Hard-wired SNA and phone circuits --> TCP/IP and Internet --> everything wireless
  • Employee to employee communications: Telephones / no email --> mainframe/mini-computer-based email systems (shout out to ALL-IN-1 on VAXes) --> what we have now with instant communication via multiple channels
  • Organizational Communications: Memos typed up on typewriters then recorded in memo register and sent in glacines through company mail --> Simple emails to whomever
  • Company Communications: Weekly Boeing News newspapers --> instantaneous emails/texts/websites and social media posts

It's interesting to ponder what things will be like 35 years from now.

One thank you besides Boeing - that would be to my HCBW. She has been great support all of these years.

My plans? We love to travel, but that will have to wait for a while until all this COVID-19 mess settles down. I plan to spend a lot of time on Family History research, walks, volunteering, do some projects around the house, enjoy my 10 grandkids, and just be able to enjoy things that I’ve wanted to do.

ps I still believe strongly that Boeing is a great company to work for. Having collected a pension for the first 30 years allows me to retire somewhat earlier than most. Even though they are struggling now - they will be back stronger than ever.

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