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Aug 1, 2020
zerome4sooners All-American
Here's what I know
So I have a few sources in B12 land...I hesitate to put too much here as it seems like 90% of reactions to these kind of posts tend to be negative and cynical. For that reason, and for the sake of protecting sources, I am going to remain intentionally vague. However, given I am hanging on every bit of news (even if rumors) I can get, I figure others are too. So here's what I know:

1 - BYU has been in talks w/ B12 about scheduling. Not to join conf for a year (ND-ACC model), but individual schools. It would prob come as a shock if this WASN'T happening, so prob not news. For example, I'm sure most saw the news about OSU.

2 - I don't think ANYTHING has been finalized. Obviously everyone is still dealing with a ton of uncertainty. Bottom line: don't hold your breath.

3 - There are some details about what I was told that I find astonishing given the position we're in. This is one of those areas on which I'm going to remain vague, only to say sometimes we are are own worst enemy.

4 - B12 likes us. It sees the value we bring and recognizes our national brand. BUT, there is one school that is not a fan. Again, will not go into details, so don't ask.

5 - B12 schools aren't dumb. Some trying to get positive things out of talks for them in return, but not necessarily in the football realm. Overall, this is a big positive I think...mutually beneficial for all entities involved.

I realize my vagueness will draw ire from some...but again, figured others would appreciate that something is better than nothing.
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