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May 7, 2021
USMCdad Truly Addicted User
Wow, a crazy and exciting time last night at my place
We had a chicken get out of our pen a while ago and so we let it just free range our property and it seemed to be doing just fine, our dogs have learned to stop eating the chickens and instead keep the coyotes away from the chickens.

Well this particular hen has decided to lay some eggs and my son who normally picks our eggs up each day for us to eat decided to let this rogue hen keep her eggs and see if she would sit on them. Sure enough, 21 days later she hatched a few and when he came in to tell us he went back out and then came running back to the house to say a rattlesnake had killed the hen and was killing the baby chicks. So I grabbed my snake pole and my wife grabbed her pink red rider BB gun and we went outside. Sure enough a dead hen. Two dead baby chicks, and a 4 ft rattlesnake hiding in a hole next to the nest . I reached my snake grabber in the hole, pulled out the rattlesnake and as he’s striking the metal pole, my wife is shooting his eyes out with her BB gun. I get tired of her shooting it by about her 10th shot and grab the shovel in one hand, and while still holding the snake grabber in the other hand I chop it’s head off and hang it’s headless carcass on my fence as a warning to other rattlers that we aren’t their safe zone.

Now the crazy part, there are still two eggs in the next not disturbed so my son decides to grab them and take them inside to our incubator to try and save them. He accidentally drops one and stepped on it crushing it and killing it, but thankfully the other one he managed to walk the 20 ft into the house and put in the incubator, and this morning we have a new baby chick. What a crazy day.
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5/7/21 10:20am

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