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Nov 22, 2021
🚨CougarBoard Tyler Allgeier and co need your help. We are hosting a fan event for them on Dec. 11 100% of all profits 🚨👀
will go to them. This is NIL fan powered! We have had 2 very good lawyers as well OhanaX (the BYU players agency) look at this and it is legit. As far as we can tell BYU and cougar nation will be the first team and fan base to use NIL in a format like this. That is where the players get a direct majority percentage of the the funds from an event like this. This will be a game changer for the players. It will change the way players look at staying for another year. It will have sway on kids weighing between BYU and other schools. It will encourage players to stay on campus in the offseason and attend more player lead practices while doing CougConnect NIL events. Non of this happens with out you the fans. We have taken care of all the hoops and red tape to connect the power of cougar nation to NIL to the players. Here is how you can help:

1. Buy tickets and attend our event. If we sell this out each player will get what they all have said they consider a significant amount of money. You and your kid can set next to and talk with any of the four players for half an hour. Ask them about your favorite plays (Tyler tomahawk, Nacua revenge TD) take selfies whatever. VIP access is $40 each person and comes with a personalized VIP Pass. You also get front row seating for their speaking portion. For $25 bucks you can come for their speaking segment and can try and catch them after for a pic or autograph. This is comparable to attending a game but with much more exclusivity and more cool pics for your kids.

2. Donate to our event in the same link you can donate an amount to sponsor our event. This money like the tickers goes primarily to the players. I'd recommend at least $3.50

To donate click the tickets green icon then just choose the donate option instead of a ticket option and enter your amount

3. Buy a video link to watch the event live from a remote location. These cost $5.50 and you guessed it most of the money goes to the players

4. Get this link and message to those who would be interested and able to support the players.

5. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Interact with us on CougarBoard. Like and Share our post on social media.

Right now we have a head start on every university in the country in NIL. If we can get this to sell out we will take it to a new level! I have made several posts recently describing who we are and how we got started but in short, We were asked by players to do this. And aren't getting rich off this. We just want to get money to the players for their NIL consistently. IF you love NIL and BYU please get behind them in this event. I was here for 6th fan and Jimmer-mania and I know the power of this website. If we jimmer this you can almost guarantee we will retain a major NIL advantage for a long time to come. Because right now BYU and CougConnect are leading the way and others are scrambling to keep up.

Buy tickets or Donate here:

Video link for $5.50 can be purchased here

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