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Nov 24, 2021
rad dawg Truly Addicted User
I spent over 6 years with doTERRA.
Started in the call center as student and eventually left in a management role. I figured it out after the first year. The founders were very humble in the beginning and it was a very clean operation. Once the real money started pouring in they couldn't shut up about being a $1billion + company at every town hall. They became extremely arrogant almost overnight. I have posted here before about how I watched a founder and good LDS family friend I had known for a long time make a decision to destroy someone's life without a second thought. The decision was selfish and completely unnecessary. I watched similar decisions continue to be made with greater frequency with absolutely no remorse.

The people that founded that company were good people. They are no longer good people. They have been completely swallowed in the money and adoration from their die hard distributors. They spend several million dollars annually doing projects in third world countries to help them feel like they are still in touch with reality. Truth is that every single project is selected because it will benefit their production of essential oils at a low cost utilizing third world labor markets. The projects are just their way in to monopolize production. The whole thing from top to bottom is a cesspool.
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