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Nov 24, 2021
Chasicle All-American
Those of you who worked for corporate at an MLM, how long before you realized
you were working for a scam and screwing people over? Any stories?

For me (mentioned some in other threads) - I worked at Tahitian Noni while going to BYU. I went to Germany on my mission so I worked as a German speaking call agent and sales support agent.

- First day of training, they showed us a story about a farmer whose horse had its foot severed, so he attached it back and soaked it in noni juice. The next day it was healed. I immediately knew it was a scam, but it was well-paying, so I stuck around.
- At a company party, the owner was basically bearing his testimony about Noni (all LDS founders) and said that he had a cold sore on his lip and rubbed pure noni pulp on his lip. The next day it was healed. My coworker and I had a good laugh.
- Working night shift for Germany, a guy called me and said that we promised it would cure his aids. He was crying and yelling at me. Nothing I could really do. Luckily my supervisor didn't speak German and didn't know what I was saying to the guy. That felt horrible. I knew the company itself didn't claim this, but the distributors made a lot of claims that we couldn't control. Sad.
- I'd have to try to upsell every single call. The biggest benefit would be discounts and cash back with multiple cases ordered per month. This isn't a knock on them since it's expected to upsell at any call center, but it was shocking at how many people wouldn't do it since none of them could afford it and didn't have faith that they could sell the extra juice.

The only way I could justify continuing working there - Eventually I was "promoted" to sales support and handled issues, including when people wanted to cancel. There was a policy that they had to send the cancellation in writing three weeks or so before their next $120 monthly auto shipment. People would call in after that deadline and beg to cancel. There were four options to supersede the three week requirement. Death, a couple others I can't remember, and financial hardship. So people would call who didn't meet any of those, but I'd guide them in saying they were having financial hardship and would immediately cancel their contract. I didn't care if my supervisor listened in on those calls and fired me. I was happy to finally get out of there.
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