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Jul 6, 2022
CornfedCougar Walk-on
RE: Dr. Chris Hill 😂
I get and agree with the idea that Utah in B12 could hurt our recruiting and that there has definitely been far too much dirtbaggery in how they've treated the rivalry as well as our conference affiliation. However, there is one reason wanting them to stay out of the B12 may be shortsighted...

With the possible emergence of the B10 and SEC as super conferences, I worry about the B12 being left behind and relegated to the esteem and role of current G5's. I think the B12 conference is strong now, but if the current trend with the SEC and B10 continues, we'll need more legitimate power five contending schools to be in the conference, and as much as I hate to say it, UU has been consistently in the top 25 at some point of the season (usually at the end) over the past few years.

In short, my bigger concern is the long-term prestige of the B12, which I do think would be stronger with the top few teams of the P10, including UU. Doing so knocks BYU's self-interest a bit. But not doing so could knock the viability of the whole conference, which damages our self-interest even more
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