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Nov 24, 2022
Cswilliam01 Contributor
Holmoe’s greatest career challenge
Holmoe had a stellar college and NFL career. There is no question he knows this football team is confronting a diminishment that might well have permanent implications. He has watched as the athleticism on the field has steadily declined.

Football programs can, if not tended to carefully, enter a purgatory phase where it seems there is no way out. The. once great Colorado program has been there for several years. Recruits simply are not interested in coming. They do their best trying to develop players, but in the end there are far to few silk purses coming out of the sows ears recruits, and they are an embarrassment on the field. Now CU is stuck in a quagmire where it has no shot at really good players. And the worker they are, the harder it gets to exit the quagmire.

Holmoe sees what is happening at BYU. He is watching as the recruiting successes at particular positions (DL and LB) have become almost nonexistent . He has watched a defense that simply is not close to P5 caliber. And he is watching that calamity spread across the team.

And TH has the tools to address this. The next two months are going to be interesting. A hard question TH has to ask now - how can KS ever become a person the good polys and other high level LDS kids want to play for? Another hard question - can KS really develop a defense that is, in every aspect, at least average. We don’t have time to wait on these questions. Tom Holmoe knows if he doesn’t fix this - it will mean he retired with BYU locked in purgatory.
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