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Jan 22, 2023
Schultz is back All-American
Starting plans to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP this summer for 5-8 days
I've never been to Yellowstone. I've seen the Tetons from a distance (Driggs Idaho). I can tolerate crowds to see the best of those parks but I'd love suggestions for what to do to avoid crowds. When we go in July, my 4 kids will be ages 4 to 11. I think I'd prefer to camp outside the park. I have a pretty good set of gear for tent camping, but don't have a trailer and we're not interested in hotels. I'm very familiar with camping in bear and big game country.

I'll do my own research but I know there's people on CB who will have ideas I won't think of or won't find in my internet sleuthing. Feel free to board mail me or post here.
Schultz is back
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Schultz is back
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