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Jan 24, 2023
Ghost Pirate LeChuck All-American
Except some of those stars are positive attrition
Like, we’re definitely going to miss the combined 12 stars between Togiai, Fall, Perez, Gillis, and Green, right? (The answer here is probably not — that’s why they’re going to like NAU).

Take them out and all the sudden, it’s 27-23 and just waiting for FCS-transfer Fitzgerald who will get 3-stars and currently has zero.

Then it’s basically dead even if you want to use that method to judge transfer portal success.

If you want to get more nuanced and look at positional need, years left, etc, you can. That’s a discussion worth having.

But looking at total portal entrants and “total stars leaving vs coming” is a very flawed way to evaluate it imo. It makes the assumption that all three-stars have equal value and weight (when they don’t).
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