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Jan 28, 2023
jvquarterback All-American
My BIL is a dentist and an introvert. How do I help him?
He’s just sold his practice. Probably for a lot less than it’s worth. And took the first job that came his way. Probably for a lot less than he could get.

He just called my wife, his sister, to tell her. He’s apparently been worried about going bankrupt for a while and with some recent things that have gone on with employees he couldn’t make payroll.

He’s incredibly conservative in what he recommends to his patients to which he attributes all his problems. He’s been in solo practice for twenty years.

Anyway he finally called up a fellow dentist who agreed to pay for his patient list so he can make his final payroll. And that’s it.

He asked me a few months ago what it’s like to work in my office as a radiation therapist and would I hire him if he went back to school. I thought he was just kidding and he was venting about hating dentistry but I guess I missed a cry for help.

Anyway while all this was going on he sent his contact to a recruiter at a nearby prison. Got a job offer in two days. They asked him how much he wanted and he came in with a really low number and they offered him more than he asked for. Which he immediately accepted without negotiating.

I talked to him for a bit last night and told him he’s got a very valuable skill set and he should shop himself around. He wouldn’t listen. I told him even if he takes the job he should negotiate a better deal and having any other offer helps. He basically tuned out when I told him that.

It kind of drives me nuts. He’s friends with my dad who’s retired but helped sell medical practices and was a head hunter for years. His other sister is in HR management for a big medical device company. He has great people at his fingertips ready to support him and help him get what he’s worth and the value from what he’s built the past twenty years. One or two phone calls and he probably comes our way ahead. But he won’t ask for help.

Crazy right? How do I help him out? I feel kind of at fault a bit because I mentioned to him a few years ago about my friend who sold his practice and started working for the prison. Help me help him out at least help me feel ok for not saying anything.
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