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Jan 29, 2023
BrobaFett 3rd String
Being a dentist at a prison has quickly become a great job.
If he’s happy with it, then it may be a HUGE blessing for him.

The pay is very competitive for an associate doctor. Plus you get all the government benefits. The paid time off, holiday pay, retirement.

Then you add in he will only see 4-7 patients a day and they will all be simple fillings and extractions. Easy work.

I know a lot of people were creamed by COVID but dentistry got SLAMMED. So many assistants and hygienists retired/never came back. Here in Seattle, hygienists are making well over $100,000 a year, the demand is so high. And insurance reimbursements have dropped making hygiene a complete loss leader.

A lot of docs I know are going out of network with all insurances. We have. It’s the only way to pay employees what they are demanding and keep the doors open.

It’s hard right now and the prison is a great job. If he’s happy there, it could be amazing for him. He’s probably making more than he did as an owner, he can be conservative in his treatment plans, he has all the PTO (I had a job with PTO and it was amazing on vacation. I sat there and thought how I was making money at Disneyland. Now, I sit and add up the tickets and the food and the souvenirs and the lost revenue and vacations can be tough mentally).

Plus if he has a pension at the end and great health insurance?

Again, this might be a HUGE blessing for him and his family.
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