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May 31, 2023
ThirdStringStreamer All-American
Low-carb is tough, but seems to be changing my life

The following is my experience. I reserve the right to change my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

TLDR: I highly recommend the book "Why Ee Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease - And How to Fight it" by Benjamin Bikman (BYU professor/researcher), and the documentary "Fat Fiction" (can find it on YouTube, like most docs, has a definite slant and agenda). Days where I am successfully low-carb, I have so much more energy and motivation, and the weight is coming off.

Got my first real primary-care doctor in a very long time. Revere Health in Spanish Fork. He looks like Cillian Murphy. He comes across as arrogant as Doctor House, but I think it's just confidence. I actually really like it, as I feel like we can both be very blunt and direct.

I'm mid 30's overweight (nowhere near obese), haven't exercised much since college, definitely trending toward diabetes, wife and I struggling to start a family (biggest concern), on meds for depression, anxiety, ADHD (which may have caused the anxiety and depression; 5 months in to meds, been a life-changer, but boy is it bad if I miss an afternoon dose). Talked to me about insulin resistance (IR), and said if I improved that, much of the other things very well might improve. So he gave me the homework of reading the above book and watching the above documentary. Watched the doc and a little over 2/3 through the book.

Here are some of my takeaways, recognizing I may have missed the most important points.

Modern diets tend to spike glucose in the blood, requiring more insulin to process. Body begins to develop a tolerance (resistance), requiring more insulin. Thus starting a vicious cycle. Insulin has other effects on the body. It plays at least a minor role in most chronic diseases, some appear to even be major.
FDA: What a joke. Conspiracy-theory-level corruption according to documentary, bad and inexplicable science according to the book.

Diet is the most important factor in lowering/limiting insulin resistance. Low-carb is much more successful than any other type of diet (especially for lowering IR, but also losing weight).

Exercise is also very important. Best exercise is anything you'll do. But bestest is resistance training at least 3/x week. High rep/low weight vs low rep/high weight doesn't really matter. Going to muscle exhaustion with each set is most important.

Like I said above, energy levels have been much higher. Weight is coming off. Not really felt too hungry, but boy is figuring out what to eat tough. And eating out with coworkers and trying to be low-carb is pretty much impossible.

Here's a link to a forum/devotional from Dr. Bikman. 

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