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Sep 17, 2023
Madam Pattirini All-American
Short Report from Fayetteville.
I have not been to many away games. Several at USU, one at Utah, a couple of Vegas Bowls. So, I was curious to see how being in "enemy territory" would be.

It was great. Fans talked to us, welcomed us, encouraged us, etc. They cheered for the Hogs, complained about refs, gripped about penalties, and acted like the play calling was horrible. So, pretty much like BYU fans. Compared to behavior I've experienced with Utah, Arizona, Nevada, BSU, and other fans (both at LES and other places), I feel like fans were overall better behaved and more friendly. Kinda weird, really. I'm sure it's BYUs fault.

I sat in some great seats in the south end zone, not really by any BYU fans. Me and wife were with some long-time friends who live in Fayetteville, so we talked with them and also got to know the fans in front of us and behind us a bit.

I was able to explain thar BYU has had big plays ruined by Illegal Touching in every game, and repeated formation problems on punts. Also had a good view of Roberts' catch and was pretty sure it was a catch. People were frustrated, but impressed. Was asked before last FG attempt of our kicker was any good. . . I said no.

As frustrated as BYU fans get about flubs and penalties, just imagine being a Hog fan on that last drive. Sheesh!

Atmosphere from tail gating to end was like BYU, just elevated..more people, louder, etc. Crowd energy was consistent, people stand up for important plays and nobody complains.

Last thing - I believe you could walk up to any fan of any school and say "Why do we run out of shotgun on 4th and short, especially with our physical QB!" and probably make a new friend. BTW. . . is there a reason coaches do this??
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