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Sep 17, 2023
Coug Texan
The fans I sat around were awesome...
The guys behind me were so lit up drunk, absolutely hilarious the whole game. They'd give me a fist bump on good plays for BYU. They make ribbing comments about the church... nothing super offensive... I mean I've heard significantly worse from USU and Utah fans. But the fans were just so awesome.

Had a fan walk up to me as I was waiting for my wife outside the bathroom. He asked what part of Utah I flew in from. I told him I'm from the Dallas area. He said that he was shocked to meet so many BYU fans from nearby. Told him my son goes to the University of Arkansas. He gave me a hard time for not wearing red for my son, but thanked me for coming.

Saw a lot of BYU fans interacting with Arkansas fans. It was awesome... such a great atmosphere.
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