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Nov 19, 2023
Benfica1 Intervention Needed
I had season tickets with my 3 boys. The product was/is great. One of my son's
high school buddies was on the team last year. A neighbor tried out this last year, but didn't make it. He's a very good player.

*My season tickets were when they were PDL league. And I paid $12 for each season ticket ($12 for the whole season). Well worth the trip form SLC to Provo.

Note: I accidentally tried out one day in the summer of 1995. I was shooting on one of the goals and a player jogged up and said that they said he could play if I joined him (guessing that they didn't want an odd number of players). I joined the game and was impressed by the talent. I had played with all state players (including my younger bother) and 3 or 4 players were better than anyone I had played with.

At the end of the game someone gathered the everyone together to talk. I thought this odd since it never happened after any of the open games that I'd played in at BYU (Saturdays mostly). He mentioned that many had played a little too rough and we need to avoid that and then stated that if we weren't serious about trying out of the team we shouldn't show up at the next tryout.
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