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Nov 19, 2023
blue13 Contributor
When you consider the Church's broader goals for BYU Athletics, I'm amazed that
the administration isn't exploring ways to make a D1 men's soccer team a reality. Soccer has much broader cultural appeal across Church membership than does football, and the fact that the BIG 12 doesn't offer men's socce--which would force a separate conference affiliation--is actually a net positive because it would likely allow games to be shown on BYU TV, which would be much more accessible to Church membership at large as well as nonmembers.

I'm with you 100% on this and do not believe that adding men's soccer would detract in any way from the popularity of women's soccer. To the contrary, I think adding a men's team could actually increase interest in the sport overall. And I believe that the team could be D1 competitive from day 1 because of the current club talent, soccer talent in Utah, and international Church member affiliation.

Make it happen, BYU!
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