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Nov 20, 2023
Benfica1 Intervention Needed
Reading the T9 text doesn't seem to jive w/your breakdown. I like your
interpretation–although it seems very loose with the text (even the bolded text). I do trust that your experience probably gives you a better understanding and thus interpretation of the text. Thanks for putting in the time to help me understand.

Over a decade ago I helped a company with a recruiting site/brand. I read their information about scholarships.... and it appeared to state that there were more full women's scholarships for women's soccer, softball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics... than for the men's mirror sports (replace baseball with softball). The text — written or parents and athletes discussed how to get partial scholarships or playing at D2 and D3 schools for much larger full scholarships – especially because there were not football teams and many of these schools. I probably misunderstood, enforcement changed or the company (now gone) provided inaccurate information (although both owners were recruited as athletes).

Interesting point about AZ volleyball.
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