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Jun 11, 2019
BrobaFett Walk-on
RE: So I get that...

I have a question. 

I see this a lot on cougarboard and I'm wondering where this idea comes from: 

You said, "based on how hyped Utah is by their fans and local media". 

Now, I don't dispute this team is hyped locally. It should be. BUT, my question is, why does cougarboard treat this as some sort of mythological hype? 

Utah is ranked in most publications as a top 15 team preseason. No team in Utah history (BYU, Utah, USU) has started off the year as a top 15 team. 

Utah returns a top 2 PAC-12 RB, a top 3 PAC-12 QB, arguably the best DL in the country, the best secondary in the PAC-12. They boast the one of the top DT's, a top level DE, and arguably the best CB in football who many have as a first round pick. 

Why shouldn't this team be hyped? 

As far as Huntley vs Wilson, you keep bringing up Huntley's first game vs a top 10 team. He was overhyped and it showed, as you have so eloquently pointed out with the fastballs and missed throws. I'm not going to knock a kid down too much for being overhyped in his first huge game. If Utah had won, it would have propelled them into the top 15 and put them on a path to the playoffs. I can see why Huntley was hyped. 

But who would I take? Well, Huntley put up 374 yards and 5 total TD's vs USC. Until Wilson even sniffs that sort of production vs a P5 school, the answer is an easy one: Huntley. 

When Huntley got rolling last year before his injury, he put up:

222 total yards, 1 TD, Utah beats Stanford 40-21

265 total yards, 3 TD's, Utah beats Arizona 42-10

374 total yards, 5 TD's, Utah beats USC 41-28

And in a "bad" game vs UCLA, he led his team to a 41-10 win over UCLA. 

Until Wilson can put together a stretch like that, this isn't a conversation. The answer is Huntley. Maybe Love. But Wilson isn't even in this room. He may get there. He has the tools to get there. But he isn't even close right now. 

If you ranked QB's in the state of Utah based on desirability for a coach, the ranking would look like this:

Huntley, Love, Rising. 

Then a big gap. 


Then the rest. 

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Jun 11, 2019
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