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Jun 12, 2019
SWP All-American
My point is simply that, IMO, it's stupid people keep asking him about BYU, and
silly that we keep expecting him to say nice things about the U. Do we really expect that from him when he's working for a main competitor, irrational hatred or not? People often complain that Kalani is too cozy with the U. Can you imagine how we might feel if we hired a U alum who often spoke of his admiration and gratitude for the U?

If I hired someone to work for me who constantly spoke to the media about how much s/he loved last position at one of our primary competitors for employees, support, money, etc. I might question whether or not it was a good hire and whether or not my new hire was actually loyal to me.

My guess: KW still likes BYU, but he's much more concerned with success in his current position.
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