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May 23, 2020
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2 things about that as I have been in your situation.
1. Not every person can do the 1 eye for up close and 1 for far. Works better in women than men, but they could have given you a soft contact for 1 eye and you could have tested it.

2. Some that do that end up complaining that as they get older their near in low light is not what they hoped and need reading glasses or more light. And at sporting events where you want clearer far, you don't get that crisp vision you would with both lenses seeing far. This happened with 2 of my brothers who had lasik like this and has been dissappointed it and now require reading glasses.

I actually could have done the 1 up close and 1 far, but ended up doing the far and having reading glasses, at times it sucks to have to have a pair of reading glasses but I would take not needing contacts or glasses on days when it is windy and stuff flying around getting under your contact.

However you can actually get a soft contact for reading if you want, have been thinking about this, used to wear hard, so would be better than that.
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