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Feb 23, 2021
g$ All-American
I agree with this, but there are occasional circumstances that require it.
I am not trying to defend the guy, because I totally disagree with letting your dog roam the cabin of an airplane, but I was flying out of phoenix, had booked for cargo dog service and when we got to check-in, they said that because of the high temps (it was like 118 at check in) they weren't allowing cargo dogs, so we were like, uh, so are options are what exactly, we weren't going back to Arizona, so leaving the dog wasn't an option, but luckily it was a chihuahua and we put it in a small duffle bag under the seat, I don't think most people even knew we had a dog, but that is about the only allowable way a dog should be allowed in the cabin unless it is a real service dog, those are highly trained so I don't worry about those at all.
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