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Mar 2, 2021
RockyBalboa All-American
For those who choose to not have children stop comparing your pets to kids
It's not the same.

Specifically the 30+ lady crowd for which this seems to be the popular thing. No matter how much you think it's the same it isn't. You're not a Mom. You're a pet owner. I love my niece too pieces, but she's one of these and is constantly going on and on on social media about how her precious little dog is as important to her as someone else's kids are to them. Sorry's not the same and never will be. Course I just smile and love her anyway. Bless her heart.

She's the type along with all her single friends will post about to "please be kind" on Valentine's Day for those who are single. Commence hard eye roll.

**Cause it has to be emphasized for the overly sensitive crowd that will insist on reading this differently....I'm specifically talking about those who choose not to have kids, not those who can't have kids.**
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