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Jun 15, 2021
Powerbait DPM All-American
Thanks for this. Currently in our letdown area. Although I attribute it to COVID
moved out of our previous ward was hard because of all of the students who we had made as friends. It was a fairly dysfunctional
ward since people would come and move out every 2-4 years. But those who we spent the last 3-4 years with in a similar situation were the best friends we’ve ever had. We are now spread out throughout the country.

When we moved last year we were hoping to find some good friends. We have some awesome people in our current ward, but going to church once a month and then getting shuffled quickly out made it difficult for us, especially my wife, to make friends or rather come close to people.

Just barely started going to church so I’m excited for her to get to meet people or come
closer to those she’s already met.
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