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Jun 15, 2021
Powerbait DPM All-American
Yeah, it’s not fair to blame the wards. Some are better than others but in the
End, I feel like it depends on the individual more than the ward.

In our first family ward as newly weds in Orem we had a new family move into the ward and the husband got up and shared a talk and said something to the effect that it seems that every time he moves his activity level changes. He’ll be super active and have tons of friends and a great experience in the ward; then they move and he wouldn’t be as active/outgoing and he would have a bad experience. They’d move again and he’d go all out and have a good experience.

I’m excited that now that church is starting back up I can have an easier time meeting people and more comfortable inviting people over. I’ll only be here for 2 more years. Emotionally I’m fine because I’m around adults at work, but for my wife I hope she can get some close friends.
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