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Sep 22, 2021
krindorr Truly Addicted User
Thanks, appreciate the insight; my apologies to ryebrye
To be honest, my posts are often as much for myself as for anyone else, which is why they sometimes tend to be longer. I like to take the numbers and break them down and consider those aspects

In this case, I'd found myself becoming annoyed with the hypocrisy I kept seeing on the board and how differently things are treated depending on the laundry so I was reminding myself. Most of the length came from the numerous examples of that (can add another one since then*) which wasn't strictly necessary but was part of me blowing off steam.

As for multiple allegiances, I can't cast stones - by virtue of moving around I've also got an eclectic mix (grew up in Texas as a fan of the Mavs and University of Utah, eventually randomly gravitated to the Indians (now Guardians) and Chargers for baseball and football, went to BYU and became a fan of the team, and now living in Atlanta and enjoying being an ATL United fan).

I was just excited to find another fan near me. I'm debating Georgia Southern. Was absolutely planning on it, but then also discovered it's further than I thought so TBD. Honestly, more likely now given that this season is going so well.
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