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Nov 25, 2021
Socrates Johnson Truly Addicted User
Yes you can. Why not, pray tell? What law of the universe says that people
Can’t sign up to POSSIBLY earn a commission IF they ever want to, and get a big discount, but have no intention of working the business. Where is that written? Nowhere.

“having it both ways” isn’t an argument. If the facts are that most MLM distributors sign up specifically TO have it both ways (I.e consume products AND sell them) then it is distorting reality to pretend that MLM distributors are all after money when you know that they aren’t.

Having it both ways is warranted when that is exactly what these people are doing in real actual life. Lying is what it is called when you pretend that isn’t what is happening when you know that it is. One is a problem, the other isn’t.
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