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Jan 25, 2023
OKchief 3rd String
A couple thoughts
I did 4 summers during college and did well. 3 of the summers were good experiences and the other one was meh. I decided to change things up that summer and go out with my buddy who was a first time manager at a small Dish network dealer. The group was all single guys who played a lot of Xbox. The talent level and motivation overall was pretty low. I’d take that one back if I could. I made about 30% less slogging through that summer.

The culture of the group he’s going with is the most important part of the decision. It could be a great company where the paychecks clear fine and they’re teaching him to sell the right way but at the end of the day the manager and the guys he brought with him is what makes or breaks the experience. Great offices set a culture and help carry the new kids to where they want to go over the course of the summer.

If he’s with a good group none of the drugs and partying garbage comes into play. So I wouldn’t worry about that if you know you got him plugged into the right group.

Location matters. I’m not that familiar with pest control but there are a lot of the areas of the country where buying pest control from a door to door guy is normal. I’d want to be in those areas.

I know one of the owners of Fox and he’s a fantastic guy. He kind of worships the main owner so without knowing him I’d be confident saying he’s a good guy too.

Now that I think about it I also know another pest control owner I can get you plugged into if you want to check them out too. I like him even more than the Fox guy. I think the product he uses is also top notch so that helps to have a good reputation where the sprayers aren’t getting called back over and over. You can BM me if you want his info.
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