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Feb 3, 2023
CougarCanuck76 Truly Addicted User
Went over to Utezone to get a pulse on how they're feeling about TV negotiations
Still as confident as ever in GK. He's not going to ever take a "bad deal". They are thinking he'll bring in $40M for TV since the B12 got $31.7. You know, bigger brands, bigger locations, prestige, blah blah blah... In fact "anything less than $40M would be a waste of time". They also believe the overall number the PAC12 will bring in is at least $55M. Despite not having near the amount of NCAA credits the B12 does, but whatevs.

They believe Yormark (the used car salesman) took a lowball TV deal before the P12 to taint the market and cause panic in the Pac12. He's a total greaseball in their eyes and nothing like the classy and strategic thinking GK. The same GK that said the no one at UCLA wants to go to the B1G, that Deion Sanders singlehandedly increases the TV value and that a deal will be signed after TV execs get back from their annual extended holiday break... that apparently starts in mid-Dec. Needless to say all these assumptions were easily debunked, but whatevs.

As soon as anyone questions that GK is kicking (butt), or questions the ambitious $$$ numbers, or the smart move going all-in with an Amazon streaming deal, the downvoters swarm!

Now everything I've been reading seems to suggest ~$30M is the PAC12's ceiling per school (before expansion that slices pie further). That deal assumes Amazon is taking all T1 content and ESPN happily taking the remaining dregs for their #P12afterDark and ESPN+. If the PAC12 decides not to take that deal and put everything in ESPN that payout per school drops into the mid-$20's. Multiple schools are not ready to sign on to any of that, but whatevs.

If worst comes to worst and the PAC12 disintegrates there is absolutely no worry that the lowly B12 will come begging to invite the Utes into their pathetic conference. Now this is the ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO. There is no contemplation that the B12 could possibly bypass Utah who's located in the PAC12's smallest DMA. And that Utah, oh by the way, is a state the B12 already has a stronger presence in with BYU. Those two Rose Bowl L's have erased any doubt about their inclusion. They have a national brand with their shiny AAU badge. They're in no matter what, but whatevs.
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