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May 30, 2023
Chasicle All-American
RE: Weekly update on 100 mile ride bet (he may have literally saved somebody's life yesterday)
Not a lot to report this week. He's down another 3+ pounds, mostly fat loss. He's at something like 309. He's desperate to get below 300 and is a bit annoyed that he's not losing weight faster. We keep telling him we're doing this the right way and that it takes time. (He's lost 46 pounds in 7 weeks - can't complain about that!) He needs to lose fat and not muscle. Some weeks will be slow. Others will be surprisingly fast. His nutritionist says in two weeks he should be below 300. If he's not, he'll probably be pretty upset. Hopefully he makes it.

Food is going a bit better. Not perfect, but he didn't complain about it too much this week.

His weekday rides are now 35 minutes and I'm guessing this Saturday will be in the 40s. Today he was able to chat with me for all 35 minutes, so his conditioning is improving and his pain level isn't so bad with his new bike. He rode his peloton yesterday and said the seat was way more comfortable than his new one on his road bike. Not sure what to do about that, but hopefully as he loses weight it'll be easier on his butt. He also said he picked the workout with the hottest trainer, so maybe that just distracted him from his pain. Who knows.

Hoping to go outside in a couple of weeks and ride the Payson/Benjamin course when the cycling coach gets back from Hawaii. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised as to how much easier it is to ride outside while drafting behind us. Zwift isn't mentally helping since his wattage is so low that he barely goes 5 miles in 30 minutes of riding. Difference is that he'll be drafting outside and there aren't any hills. Hopefully we'll have good weather and it'll lift his spirits when we ride the 7.3 miles easily in under 30 minutes without too much effort.

Regarding the cyclist he helped who hit his head - he's still in the ICU. Hoping he can be discharged soon and start therapy. Last he said the guy was having trouble talking, so he definitely has a serious brain injury. Pray for him if you get a chance.
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