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Aug 15, 2023
Chasicle All-American
100 mile update
Still going amazingly well. I haven't seen his nutritionist update today yet (I'll update when he sends it), but as of this weekend he was down 86 lbs. Really close to the next big milestone of 100 lbs down. He's been going at it for over 4 months and we're actually beginning to start to maybe plan the 100 mile ride soon. I almost felt wrong bringing it up today with him and the cycling coach, but we're at that point where if we're going to try it soon, we need a plan to ramp him up to be able to do 100 miles and also get him used to the nutrition he'll be taking on the day of since right now he just drinks water, which won't work on the 100 mile day.

He has until May, but we want to give it a go this fall since we think he can do it and if not, we'll know where he stands and what we need to work on. Plan is late October (he wants to try before November 8th since he's going on a cruise and by the time he gets back, the weather will likely be too bad to do it). However, no date is set and the location isn't set...yet.

We're going to go do the Spanish Fork/Benjamin/Payson course (the original one I planned the day the bet happened) next week on Saturday. After he left the bike shop this morning, coach and I talked about how far we should take him. I initially proposed 30 miles (he's done 20 miles outdoors) and then coach said we should do 40 and then once he left, coach said we should trick him and do 50. I doubt that would work since he's pretty aware of his 5K walk speeds and distance, so he knows how to use his new Garmin watch. But we'll see. If we go 40, which would be three laps on this course and really 42+ miles, it's just one more length (church to church) to get to 50, so might as well just add in one more short length and do 50. That begs the question of if he gets the 50 done next week, what's stopping him from doing the 100 in September and just getting it done? We'll see how next week goes.

I mentioned this in another post, but he's leaning towards having just a small group for the actual ride, consisting of four to six other people he rides with at the bike shop three mornings a week.

Anyway, that's the latest update. No point in doing weekly updates anymore since it's less exciting that he's still going and shedding tons of weight, so I'll probably just do them every other week.

Update - Down 5 lbs on the scale this week, but he's mad because it was 2.7 lbs of muscle and only .56 lbs of fat. He's now down 91 lbs and at 264 lbs.
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