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Oct 3, 2011
Breaking bad discussion (spoilers)
Wow, this season has totally gone crazy the last few weeks! I really would not have been surprised to see Walt shoot himself. He knows he will end up dead in the end, Jesse has been so strong this season, I could totally see them getting rid of Walt and putting the focus on Jessie for next season.

So a few questions... did Gus poison Brock? If so... how? Yeah his henchmen could have taken the riacin cig from his pack, but how are they going to poison a kid? Put it in his capri sun or his school lunch? Big hole in the plot right there, i'm hoping it is settled next week. I do think Gus would do it, and it almost accomplished what he hoped (turn Jesse against Gus). But they didn't show how it came to happen. I don't think Brock is old enough that he'd have take the cig from Jesse to smoke, but who knows.

Also the writers have confirmed that Ted is really dead, which means his tripping and death is one of the lamest ways to kill someone off EVER.

Is this the end of Saul or will he be back?

Does Walt survive next week?

And finally... how in the world did Gus get a "spidey sense" that something was on his car. I was waiting for the bomb to fail or something, but he completely walked away from the car bomb which Walt was waiting to detonate. I didn't see Gus dying this week, but I figured the car would be blown up but not fatal, not some scene where Gus gets a feeling and walks away.

A blog that I read said that they think Gus was suspicious by the statement "Brock was poisoned"... not sure why that would have made him suspicious? Unless Gus really did the poisoning and realizes that Jesse knows.

Man that was an awesome show. Can't wait for season finale. This is ending just in time to focus on Dexter. This is going to be a freaking awesome season of Dexter!
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