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Feb 8, 2017
Trent Walk-on
Talked with Kalani at an event yesterday...
...it was a business luncheon thing and the majority of the BYU football staff was there. I saw him after talking with a Ute friend of mine so I went up to tease my Ute friend to back off. There were several Ute fans right there essentially saying how much they miss him, what a great job he's doing, and complimenting him on the recruiting class. So actually being good guys.

They took off and I had a chance to talk one-on-one with him for a bit. The guy is exceedingly likable. I took the chance to make my pitch that I've made before to Ty that they really should push the school administration to implement a Football major. There is no logical reason you should be able to major in Dance, Portuguese (like me), or any number of pointless majors and not have a Football major that actually does have real world job opportunities (coach at many levels, media, trainer, agent - with some law, etc.) He at least agreed to my face and also added that he thinks the school needs to significantly expand the number of students. He was saying there is no reason we shouldn't be like a Big 10 school with 60,000+ students. He argued that the purchase of the old Provo High should help create the room to really increase enrollment.

I pointed out that a lot of us have kids with nearly 4.0 averages and that will likely score well on the ACT and it will still be hard for them to get in these days. I'd love to see them increase enrollment by a material amount. It adds to the student demand for game tickets and adds to the future alumni base for supporting the school. The demand is clearly there and I don't think you'd see much dilution in quality.

Fun to see that Kalani is forward thinking in a lot of ways. I hope they do expand enrollment by some substantial amount (not sure about doubling).
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