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Apr 19, 2021
lightmann Truly Addicted User
You seem to have dealt with it in a positive way. I'd think that it could be different for people of different levels of
intelligence. Perhaps higher intelligence would help a person to be more analytical about it?

Since it was suggested by a therapist — when you took it, did the therapist stay close by or more or less give you some advice and explanation as you were going through the experience. It seems hard to imagine that they would say — "here go take this and let me know how it works out." And then, for the most part, about how long did the experience last? A few hours? more? less? Seriously, I'm just curious.

It also makes me wonder how a therapist would determine a dosage amount. Not that I'm thinking about that for myself — just that a brain is a delicate organ and it wouldn't be good if it resulted in some type of permanent negative change in brain function.

What you describe though is very interesting.
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