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Apr 19, 2021
doctorthunderpants Contributor
Good for you. I don't see any difference between that & mainstream medication.
I don't think taking anything that's addressing a legit physical or mental health issue as bad regardless of what anyone at church says. There may be some exceptions I haven't thought of, but I think this applies to most "taboo" substances...THC, shrooms, LSD, etc. The natural option is probably better anyways if the dosage is controlled and you're taking it in a safe environment.

My grandmother-in-law's doc prescribed some pharma-based meds that caused her to hallucinate and think her curtains were growing feet and were going to attack her, so it can happen with meds or naturals.

I heard a story on NPR a while back (radiolab maybe?) about LSD and they talked about some priests or something that were given LSD in an experiment before attending a prayer/meditation type service and many of them had these incredibly powerful religious experiences like what you describe. Maybe these kinds of meds can get us "out of the body" so to speak and lift the veil to some degree. Who knows? I'm just happy that it's working for you.
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