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Jun 9, 2021
Eddie Truly Addicted User
You kinda lost me at "fair".
How is using a high powered rifle (and I'm assuming a scope) fair to the animals?

I can understand someone saying they don't like hound hunts, whatever. You might say it makes it too easy for the hunter - and I honestly have no idea if that's true - but to say that a dude with a high powered rifle makes it "fair" seems a little ridiculous.

Just out of curiosity - how do you feel about pointers or flushers (dogs) helping a hunter on a bird hunt? Is that fair? Not fair? depends on the bird?

I kind of feel like once you determine it's OK for someone to hunt animals and kill them - any discussion of fairness is out the window. There are different kinds of hunts (archery, muzzleloader, rifle) for big game - but I always saw the differences about the kind of challenge the hunter might face, the different skills necessary for each, and as a means of dividing up groups of hunters so they aren't all on the mountain at the same time. At no time did I ever think fairness came into the equation.
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